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Published:June 6th, 2012 21:24 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Don Clifford, Author of Ben Solomon in Destiny Diverted

Judyth Piazza interviews Don Clifford, Author of Ben Solomon in Destiny Diverted

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Born October 11, 1932, Valparaiso, Indiana Two sisters; all three of us raised by a single parent, David M. Clifford. Father worked for the railroad, as a result, attended grade school in Chicago, IL; Valparaiso, IN; Jacksonville, Fl; Alexandria, VA; Plattsmouth, NB.

Attended Maryknoll Seminary high school, St. Louis, MO. 1946 - 1949

Graduated Creighton University Prep, Omaha, NB, 1950

Attended University of Nebraska, Lincoln NB. 1950 - 1951 Enlisted in USAF October 1952. Accepted for Aviation Cadet program that included basic navigation training at the former Harlingen AFB, Texas, 1953 - 1954

Earned wings and Commission as 2nd Lieutenant at former James Connelly AFB, Waco, Texas. April 1954.

July 1954. Married Evelyn Zuniga, San Benito, Texas. Later divorced in 1974.

Two children - David and Maureen

Served in various positions that took me around the world into places that most people only read about in National Geographic. January 1966. Earned college degree in speech and journalism, University of Nebraska at Omaha. November 1972. Retired from USAF as Director of Information, 9th Air Force, Shaw AFB, South Carolina. Since then:

Owned and operated a rock/jewelers craft shop, Los Fresnos, Texas. Went broke.

May 1976. Married Elaine Beakley, Harlingen, TX. Two stepchildren, Shelley and Ronald.

Managed an auto muffler repair shop, McAllen, Texas.

Worked as a jeweler repair craftsman, Schwab`s Jewelry Store, Harlingen, TX

Worked as a jeweler repair craftsman, Jones & Jones Dept. Store, McAllen, TX

Worked as a T-shirt and novelties vendor for Bill Jackson, Locust Grove, Oklahoma

Employed as a paralegal-investigator for Adams & Graham law firm, Harlingen, TX

Employed as Executive Director for the Brownsville Historical Association, Brownsville, TX.

Self-employed as a Flea Market Entrepreneur.

Employed as a freelance features writer for HORIZON, a weekly features publication, Brownsville, TX.

Served on the Cameron County Historical Commission. As editor of the NEWSLETTER, won the 1995 Cotton Award by the Texas Historical Commission for best newsletter throughout the State. Immediate past president of the RGV Byliners.

Currently living in Harlingen, TX with wife Elaine.

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Ben Solomon in Destiny Diverted

The Throne of David...a denied birthright always just out of reach! During a visit to Kemet for the funeral of his grandfather pharaoh, Abel ben Solomon is the sole witness to the murder of the High Priest of Kemet. To save him from the killers, King Solomon apprentices him to a Bedouin spice merchant, but a relentless pursuit across the Nabataean desert and the Erythean Sea chases him into safety behind the palace walls of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba. In time, he grows into a young man and learns the skills of a warrior while the killers bide their time untile they can resume the pursuit. Abel meets the threat head-on with a newly gained self-confidence, and a desire to fulfill his mission of finding new sources of copper and tin. However, a hurricane induced tornado blows him to a far away land known only to a few select Phoenician mariners. The two eventual lady loves of his life rescue him from a rolling surf, as fierce Jaguar warriors plot to destroy him. Abel must decide to stay in warriors plot to destroy him. Abel must decide to stay in the new wondorous land with its painful memories or find a way home to the disppointments that await him.

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