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Published:June 11th, 2012 09:59 EST
A Message to the People

A Message to the People

By Ed Roberts

I wrote this for the people of Syria and all other parts of the world who need to read it. A government only has power as long as there are those willing to fight to support it. People should never live in fear of their own government. It should only operate in their best interest. If this is not the case the people must do whatever it takes to change this. If not for themselves then for the sake of their children.

A Message to the People

Soldiers march in your streets
Mercenaries paid for
By your own government

They steal what they want
They beat your children
Rape your women
And kill all those
They feel might try and change things

You cower
In the face of their power
You accept this domination
And in the end
Doom your children to do the same

If you allow this to continue
You and your children
Will NEVER be

Those who read these words
Arm yourselves
Not only with weapons of this world
Shovels, picks, hammers, anything you can carry
But also with
Love, hope, and most of all
Faith in your strength
and your Father above

This is your land
Your home
Your father`s home
Your children`s home
It will only be the home
That you yourself give them

A people can only be oppressed
As long as they are willing to accept oppression
When you can not fight

The path is hard
And will be paved
Both in pain and blood
But the destination is worth the cost

Freedom is never free

You can not wait
For someone else
To fight for you

This is something
You first must be willing to do
On your own

When you do
I promise you
There will be others
Who will be willing
To fight with you
As well

Ed Roberts 06/02/12