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Published:June 15th, 2012 17:39 EST
The Middle East Arms Race: Russia, the US, Syria and Israel

The Middle East Arms Race: Russia, the US, Syria and Israel

By SOP newswire2

The supply of helicopter gunships, attack aircraft, armoured vehicles, heavy arms, missiles and various munitions are reportedly being supplied by Russia to the Syrian regime, in much the same way as the US supplied, and still supplies, weapons and planes to the Israeli government some of which were used against families in Gaza, in 2008.

The primary difference being that Syria gets MiG29s whilst Israel gets F15/16 fighter/bombers. In each case, the claim is that national security is the primary objective. The result is the killing of civilians and non-combatants. 

In the meantime, the arms race in the Middle East continues, fuelled by the two major powers intent on reinforcing their political interests at the expense of freedom of the individual and his/her human rights plus, of course, their unfettered access to the Middle Eastern oil that powers their economies.

In all this, democracy, civil rights, justice, freedom and international agreements, all lie trampled in the sand.

 ├é┬ęDouglas Reed