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Published:June 18th, 2012 17:15 EST

Mom Cat Takes BB Pellet To The Head To Protect Her Kittens

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A mother cat in California is recovering after taking a BB bullet to the head to save her litter of kittens.

Cindy and her kittens were found abandoned and taken to Helen Woodward Animal Center in Sante Fe, Ca., where a veterinarian discovered and removed the bullet from Cindy`s head."


Indy Channel

This story is almost as heartwarming and inspiring as Octomom doing an adult movie so she can afford to feed her brood. But I`d rather see a video of these adorable pussycats than see one of Octomom playing with her -- well you know.

On a serious note, I wish human mothers were as protective of their children as Cindy is of her kittens. I see too many young children who stay out all night playing in the street, they are destined to become victims or criminals.

Cindy and her kittens were malnourished and in pretty bad shape when they first arrived at the shelter, but mother and babies are doing much better now.

Cindy and her adorable kittens are recovering at the animal center and will be available for adoption. After what Cindy has gone through to protect her babies, I hope a kind person will adopt Cindy and all her kittens.

Click link to see pic of Cindy and her children:

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