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Published:June 22nd, 2012 17:39 EST
A Furious Warning to Israel and today`s Warmongers

A Furious Warning to Israel and today`s Warmongers

By SOP newswire


Ben Macintyre, writing in today`s London Times, relates the warning from the late Paul Fussell, about the glorification of war that leads young men to terrible death on the battle field. Fussell was a lieutenant in the US infantry who led an assault on a German occupied village, in France, in 1945. He was seriously wounded and covered with the blood and tissue of his Colour-Sergeant who was blown apart, next to him, by an artillery shell.


Many years later, in his book, The Great War and Modern Memory, Fussell wrote graphically of the horrors of the First World War through his personal experiences in the Second. It is dedicated to Sergeant Hudson, who died so violently, at his side.


Fusell was awarded a Purple Heart but was left with an angry contempt for those who continue to glorify war or to send others into combat without any comprehension of its reality. The actuality of the trenches, the mud, water and the stench  of soldiers involuntarily defecating with the realization of their imminent death " had little connection with the overblown rhetoric of the warmongers peddling the supposed glory of battle, honor and duty to the father or motherland, from an office in Whitehall, Washington or Berlin.


Now, in the year of our Lord, 2012, we have again the clamor of the warmongers. The fact that hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of civilians may be killed and injured, is ignored by those who desperately want to send in the F16 bombers, helicopter gunships, guided missiles, unmanned drones, battle tanks, chemical weapons and, eventually, the nuclear bombs.


It is sometimes necessary to go to war in order to obtain peace. However, it is not a just war to attack other states in a so-called pre-emptive strike against an imaginary threat and in the process to kill thousands of innocent men, women and children and to lay waste another land for decades.  It is estimated that between 100 "500,000 died violently in Iraq between 2003- 2007, the majority being non-combatants. The exact number will never be known because no one bothered to count the dead, unless they were from the coalition.


War is an atrocity. Modern warfare by remote controlled drones wreaking death and destruction upon people many thousands of miles away at the touch of a computer button, is a scenario from hell.  If an American or Israeli drone can kill at will in Gaza or Afghanistan, then very soon an anonymous drone from somewhere, from anywhere, can strike at your home in Long Island or Liverpool. It`s just a matter of time. What was the horror of science fiction has now become the reality of violent death at a touch of a finger from someone who dislikes you or who wants you out of the way. Currently the victims are (only) in Pakistan, Gaza and Afghanistan. Next month, they might be nearer your home. But when they arrive, you will have no awareness.  This is not fiction, this is naked reality.


© Douglas Reed 2012/06/15