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Published:July 6th, 2012 12:51 EST
Letter to Belfast City Council - Please Free Lennox

Letter to Belfast City Council - Please Free Lennox

By SOP newswire

Belfast City Council,

I am writing this open letter to you on behalf of Lennox the dog that had been seized more than 2 years ago and sentenced to death solely because of his looks and measurements. I am also writing this letter to you on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people all across the world that have been watching Belfast very closely hoping for the freedom of Lennox. 

At this point in time, most arguments have been rendered moot as the Family of Lennox have admitted defeat and the inability to have their beloved family member Lennox returned home to them. I am not writing to argue any of those points; there are, however, some valid points that have not been rendered moot and I would like to bring them to your attention.

1) Lennox has never been aggressive to any person or animal in the 5 years that he was a beloved family member in the Barnes household. Lennox has never been even so much as accused of such acts. 
2) In the 2 years that Lennox has been away from the love of his family and thrown into a terrifying situation for any dog, he still has never been aggressive to anyone charged with his care.
3) There is an available option which is a win/win for the city of Belfast. That option is the compassionate sparing of his life provided he is re-homed in the U.S. at no further cost to the people and city of Belfast.

I have to believe in my heart that though you may feel justified in this situation that has unfolded because it is the law, that you can also see how very wrong it is to punish any living and sentient being in such a horrible and final manner as death for a crime the law acknowledges has never been committed but `may be committed in the future`. Just think if we took this path with members of the Human race, surely not a single one of us would be alive because as living beings we all have the ability to be dangerous. Just because we come from a certain part of the world, or are a certain race or religion or gender is no guarantee that a person will commit a crime as is the situation with dogs. Every dog is different and should be treated and respected for his/her own merits not for what `may happen` or surely there will be no dogs left in this world. 

Here in the U.S. we have no laws prohibiting you from permitting someone here to open their home to Lennox nor do we have laws that would prohibit you from allowing Lennox to be placed in a sanctuary where he can live the rest of his life safe and loved as all dogs deserve to live their lives and sadly in this world not enough get that chance. Dogs only need to be treated with love and respect and guidance by someone who understands them and what they tell us and that can help them to be wonderful and loving members of our society. There is much too much hatred and violence in this world, too much that is unjust and it seems people are afraid to make a stand and change that in this world but here you have seen hundreds of thousands of people doing just that and taking a stand for an innocent dog named Lennox. You can take a stand as well and spare the life of Lennox and speak for compassion in an angry and hateful world. You can make a difference for the better! You have won the legal battle and you can now win the battle of humanity by showing this world how compassionate Belfast and its people are as you represent them. Show the world Belfast is not a place to fear or hate but rather a place that can learn and grow and be respected for the compassion they possess! 

I surely am just one voice among hundreds of thousands of voices speaking for Lennox, mine is just one heart breaking for an innocent dog who has already suffered so much by losing the family he loves and now may lose his life. If you listen closely when you lay your head on your pillow tonight you can hear the collective hearts of so many around the world crying ... crying for compassion and fairness, for love and understanding to overcome fear and hatred, for enlightenment to overcome ignorance. With my one voice I beg you to please spare the life of Lennox for he has committed no crime and remove any accountability placed on you by allowing Lennox to come here to the United States to live the rest of his life loved and cared for. Whatever has taken place over the last 2 years please realize Lennox has been an innocent victim in all of this and he deserves your compassion. 

Thank you for your time and I have faith that you will hear the pleas of hundreds of thousands of people crying for the life of innocent Lennox. Please spare the life of Lennox and allow him to come here to the U.S.

Michelle Lowe
United States of America