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Published:July 12th, 2012 11:10 EST

Dude Arrested For Stealing Snickers Bar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Florida said a man accused of stealing a $1.89 Snickers bar apologized to the arresting deputy for wasting police time.

The Manatee County Sheriff`s office said a deputy responded to a 7-Eleven store Tuesday where Edward Hodapp, 42, of Bradenton was accused of stealing a large Snickers bar.


The arrest affidavit said Hodapp spoke to the deputy on the way to the jail, saying he `was really sorry for wasting your and the clerk`s time tonight ... I should have just stayed at home.`"


Betty White`s career was revitalized when she filmed a Snickers commercial, but this dude`s reputation as a loser was cemented by his theft of a Snickers bar.

This loser was in a no-win situation, if he paid $1.89 for a chocolate bar 7-Eleven would be ripping him off, but if he stole it he would be risking jail time.

I don`t know if Hodapp`s "I should have stayed at home" will resonate as strongly as Rodney King`s " Can we all just get along", but many times I felt that I should have just stayed at home.

In fact, I have a bad vibe about today, I think I`m just going to call in sick, and stay at home, munching on a couple of Snickers.

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