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Published:July 23rd, 2012 10:31 EST
Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People

Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

In this story, I plan to do two things. Take a look at the falsehood that America is Arming the World with as well as take a look at who is Arming America`s misguided streets and creating assault rifle deaths in America.


First and foremost, I would like to dispute the numbers by comparing and contrasting per-capita income (PCI) of these nations. The United States has about a $55,000 per year per capita income and Germany, The UK and France also has a high (PCI), while Russia post Soviet Collapse went from about $1,000 to $2,500 with many citizens/pensioners living on as little as about $100 per month. China has held about the same PCI with many of their rural citizens living on $1 a day.


So, one could conclude that a Billion Dollars could supply a heck of a lot more weapons produced in such economically depressed areas over the past couple decades. Therefore, keeping it simple I am suggesting that the former Soviet Bloc (Russian AK`s) have supplied 20 or more times the dollar amount shown above, which vastly surpasses American weapons supplies. The same goes for China, hence they being responsible for much of the American continent deaths by cheaply supplied AK47`s and SKS`s. I might also add that the United States mainly supplies peaceful foreign Army`s tanks, aircraft and such, which adds to the price. You rarely hear of a death in a foreign country caused by an American M16 Assault rifle.


Secondly, I would like to look at America`s import of these former and current State run Communistic countries and show that the Republicans have undermined not only America`s economic security, but America`s National Security via bad trade deals that import cheep assault weapon death and destruction on the streets of America.


For decades, the Republicans and the NRA have rumored that Democrats will go after your guns, which is a "LIE"... Democrats have always made it clear that the 2nd Amendment "The right to bear Arms"...


Democrats have always taken the position that there are enough laws on the books to protect citizens... In the recent shooting case one would obviously pass the PhD Candidate as being someone of sound mine and capacity to be responsible with a "gun". He has not been portrayed by the media or law enforcement as a violent person, or a person with a criminal past, he is not a drug dealer, has not been in prison, etc...


So, let`s take the gun out of the picture and start with the basics. He violated the Theater noise rules (shooting is much louder and much more disturbing than that of a ringing cell phone or crying baby)... He assaulted a number of people, placed many in harm`s way, created a riot towards the exits, then obviously the numerous murder charges (not to forget that this also violates the one of the 10 Commandments of "Thou Shall not Kill"... I am not trying to be morbid here, but gun control vs. mind control is the issue... Until we can teach people to have respect and value human life we need to have guns to protect ourselves.


Having met some of the victims of the Kentucky School Shooting many years ago, and seeing this beautiful young lady wheelchair bound for the rest of her life, I began wondered about the gun control/2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms issue. I am still at a cross roads wondering and feel that little can be done, other than to hope and pray that education, and respect for human life is the guiding light for those with guns in their possessions. Yet, knowing that as long as guns can get into the hands of those that can`t control their own minds, then there will continue to be such incidents.


National leadership is not very responsible either when it comes to educating and respecting the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. We need to look no further than the Republican Political Campaign/Tea Party Express of Sarah Palin that immaturely prayed on the weak minded by putting bulls-eyes on the elected officials that they wished to defeat. This led to the horrific Congresswoman Gifford shooting in AZ.


My concern is that most of these weapons are Chinese, and old Soviet Block weapons sold cheep on the streets of America and this should also be a wakeup call about our Free and unfair Trade Policies that people like myself and Ross Perot warned America about. The old Regan Supply Side Economics was shunned and called Voodoo Economics by the Bush(s) and the Republicans post Reagan. They converted the Reagan Supply Side Economic Policy into a Buy Side Economic Policy.


Bush, Sr., the former Chinese Ambassador began the trend, and those Free Trade Policies were embraced by all Republican House and Senates sense same policy of buy side economics has led to many internal conflicts in Africa. The cheep supply of assault weapons like the Chinese SKS`s,, and the Chinese/Russian AK`s, which is the death weapon of choice in the third world/Africa are now on the streets of America.


The top 10 Assault Rifles has the AK at number 8; however, the price on the street has been much less than the others and more attainable for those that might put Americans at risk. A possible solution is a higher import tariff on such weapons might be justified to protect American Arms dealers; however, the free trader Republicans that have led America to "Buy Side Economics" and a near 1 Trillion Dollar a year trade imbalance with China and other NAFTA suppliers has nearly turned American into a war zone.


Studies have shown that a 5% decrease in economics could result in 50% likelihood for internal conflict... To prevent such problems, America has to get our own economic house in order. I do not think it unreasonable to look at our National Security also, by taking a close look into who is the major arms suppliers in the United States ,and how that might affect our "National Security".


We already know that our ranking Senator Mitch McConnell has led the way in selling out America`s economic and national security interest, which has put cheep assault weapons in the hands of the weak minded, but are there real internal threats from weapons suppliers in the United States that are much more serious than that of the Fast and Furious scandal, I think there probably is and I think it reasonable to call Senator McConnell in and challenge his Free Trade Policy and that of his Wife during her term as Labor Secretary under Bush that has undermined Americas economic and national security interest and put dangerous arms on the streets of America from possible foreign criminal enterprises, and Congressional Corruption.


In closing, I will stick to my Colt`s, Remington and perhaps our NATO friend Beretta Having been a former Military Policeman I have carried guns into theaters before, it appears that one might wish to make this a new personal policy via a canceled weapons permit, or just wait to the DVD or Netflix is available.