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Published:July 25th, 2012 11:49 EST

Kim Kardashian Hates On Paris Hilton! Can We All Just Get Along?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were spying on Bruce Jenner after he decided to go golfing with model, Angie Everheart. Her mother makes a comment about using night vision camera and without thinking, Kim Kardashian blurts out `No. That was Paris Hilton.` Of course, Kim is referring to Paris Hilton`s infamous sex tape, which was filmed with a night vision camera."



I don`t know why Kim Kardashian hates so much on Paris Hilton. It`s Hilton who should be upset at Kardashian, the reality star copied Hilton`s template for becoming famous: Make a sex tape and secretly release it on the Internet, and then maintain your fame by periodically doing something skanky or ridiculous.

I`m ashamed to say that I immediately understood why Kardashian linked the use of a night vision camera to the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. Do you imagine this erudite intellectual spends all his time reading Proust?

I have to give props to Hilton; she was the innovator, now it`s mandatory for a bimbo trying to make it in Hollywood to make her own sex tape.

Kardashian has a leg up, I mean a butt up, on Hilton. The socialite has her sex tape, and nothing else, Kardashian has her sex tape and a mighty booty.

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