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Published:August 2nd, 2012 11:23 EST

Plucky Duck Survives Blow Dart Wound To Her Neck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Workers at a Washington state park said a duck has rejoined her fellow fowl after undergoing surgery for a blow dart wound to her neck.

Longview park workers said the duck was released Monday afternoon at Lake Sacajawea after it was captured with the 4.25-inch dart in its neck July 24 and underwent surgery to clean out the wound Thursday."



There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by a lake, and watching ducks gracefully swimming. This was a crime not only against the duck, but it was also a blow to visitors to the park who enjoy watching the ducks swim.

It takes a real coward to shoot a dart at a sitting duck, how challenging is that? If anybody knows who committed this fowl crime, I hope they will contact the authorities.

The plucky duck is doing fine, once again she is entertaining visitors at the park by swimming and playing with her fellow fowl.

After all that this poor duck has gone through, the workers at the park should give her a name.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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