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Published:August 2nd, 2012 11:54 EST

UN`s Scheme of Global Gun Control

By SOP newswire

Obama knows that Americans are now on to his plan to take away America`s arms, so he is forced at this time to comment on a subject he usually avoids (gun control) in order to conceal his plan to confiscate guns. The first link reflects the cover-up. The second link states more the truth, that the U.N. gun control law is ready for signature as of tomorrow, the same day the Olympic games go into effect. 

The new law, if enacted, will empower the U.N. to impose mandatory gun control on the U.S. and other nations. It`s being disguised as an "Arms Trade Treaty" to make it seem as though it has international safely in its best interests, but the exact opposite is true. Senator Paul Broun of Georgia has the proper handle on this, stating that "the U.N. small arms treaty is in fact a massive, global gun-control scheme" (see second link).

The Aurora Massacre of last week was deliberately orchestrated by the globalists in our government to create a national horror of guns and justify the signing of the new `treaty.` James Holmes was only the satanically controlled robot that they used to carry this out. The bottom link details the matter.

By David Martin 


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