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Published:August 3rd, 2012 20:47 EST

Word Is Out: Harry Reid Belongs To Magic Undies Merry Men Marijuana Club.

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Reid took to the Senate floor Thursday and proclaimed, `The word`s out that he (Romney) hasn`t paid any taxes for 10 years.`

But it was Reid, a Nevada Democrat, who initially put the unproven word out. He told The Huffington Post that an unidentified Bain Capital investor told him that Romney didn`t pay taxes for 10 years.


`Let him prove that he hasn`t.`"


The word is out that Mitt Romney hasn`t paid any taxes in ten years, only because Reid put it out there, without offering a shred of proof.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, should be ashamed of himself, is it any wonder that Congress has an approval ratings in the single digits?

Reid, who hasn`t released his own taxes, should be condemned by his fellow Democrats in the Senate.

I can play the same nasty game as Reid:

The word is out, that Reid belongs to the Mormon Magic Underpants Merry Men Club. Every Friday night Reid and ten of his Mormon buddies strip down to their Mormon magic underwear, hold hands and sing Broadway tunes, and then they take turns hitting the bong. My source is legit, he`s a Mormon who stunk to high heaven of weed.

I don`t mind if Reid is a metrosexual, homosexual or asexual with a penchant for singing show tunes, but (unfortunately) smoking weed is against the law, and the slimy senator needs to prove that he doesn`t smoke marijuana.

Come on Reid, the word is out there that you are a stoner; you need to take a drug test to exonerate yourself.

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