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Published:August 5th, 2012 02:16 EST
Educate This: Making College Your Own

Educate This: Making College Your Own

By David J. Knee


In the  America that we live in today, society wants high school students to  conform.They want you to take  standardized tests, inescapably turning you into a robot.They take decision and choice away from  you.From a very young age you are  geared to succeed and to go to college.If you look throughout time the most successful individuals were those  that did not conform.

List of  Successful people who did not finish college:


Bill Gates David Geffen Peter  Jennings

Larry Ellison Thomas Edison John D. Rockefeller

Mozart Albert Einstein Benjamin  Franklin


Nine of the U.S. Presidents did not  attend college: Truman, Cleveland, Andrew Johnson, Lincoln, Fillmore, Taylor,  Van Buren, Jackson, and Washington.

These are just a few examples.


The  message here is not about not going to college.In fact, it is about actually going to college, but doing it on your  terms.Don`t conform in anything you do.Don`t be the robot.Be your own unique individualistic  person.College will prepare you for  many things in your life, but remember learning doesn`t only happen within the  confines of a college or high school classroom.Learning is endless and will occur in all different areas of your  life.


College is  a good thing and everyone should go if they have the desire.You don`t automatically need college if you  want to be successful.There is more to  being successful then getting good grades in a classroom.College might teach us how to say something  in large sophisticated words, but wouldn`t you rather speak in small words so  everyone can understand you?


Learning  is about more than the grades you will receive throughout your life. Not  everything in life can be graded A-F and 100-0.The most important lessons I learned throughout my high school and college  career were not learned in a classroom, but were learned through interactions  with people: friends, professors, teachers, mentors and role models outside of  the academic classroom


Modern  high schools judge solely on grades.Why  should you only be graded on what you can prove by taking an exam?A teacher or professor might fail you because  you did not do well in that subject, but to give you a bad grade is the same as  saying you did not learn anything.No  matter what you will have learned something by the end of a school year or  college class. Can everyone be good at the same things?Your teacher might be good in Spanish, but is  he or she good at history?They might  be, but then again they might not.In a  broad sense you might not succeed in every facet of life, but neither have  they.


Good  colleges reject students mostly because of their academic output.If you did poorly in high school it does not mean  you are not intelligent and it certainly does not mean that you will not  succeed. I didn`t do well in high school, but excelled without limits in  college.If I were to apply to Harvard  today I would be rejected because my high school grades and SAT scores were not  high enough.I`m sure some wiz kid would  get the spot, the robot who will offer a great deal to the world of  academia.I might not have the same  grades as the wiz kid, but I can offer just as much.To me wisdom, intelligence, integrity and  common sense cannot be judged fully by a standardized test.I would much rather be the kid who shows up,  gets challenged and tries extremely hard every day, opposed to the kid who  thinks it is a breeze.


College  might be easy for some and difficult for others, but never forget that it does  not make you who you are.Success comes  from determination and dreams not from a college diploma hanging on the wall.



Be unique