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Published:August 6th, 2012 18:17 EST

Tanning Mom Gives Up Tanning For A Month: Looks At Hot As Angelina Jolie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Photos of a healthier looking `Tanning Mom` emerged Friday in In Touch magazine.

Patricia Krentcil, 44, of Nutley, NJ, made news when she allegedly took her 6-year-old daughter into a tanning salon to use the tanning bed.


In Touch challenged Krentcil to stop tanning for one month, and the results are amazing - she looks normal and healthy."


I was born and raised in San Francisco, I am well acquainted with the bizarre and the macabre. But I was totally unprepared, psychologically and emotionally, for the weirdness that is Tanning Mom. Krentcil makes Snooki look like an albino, homegirl looks like she just escaped from a fire that left her as crisp as a potato chip.

When I saw pics of Tanning Mom for the first time, I had nightmares that Tanning Mom chased me down and locked me in a tanning booth with her, and when she finally released me she had given birth to an infant that looked like a toasty devil.

But believe it or not, after a month without tanning, Tanning Mom looks hot! Not hot as in baked by the sun, but hot as I in I want to knock boots with her.

Krentcil`s saga is captivating and inspiring, Lifetime needs to do a biopic about Tanning Mom.

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