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Published:August 12th, 2012 12:31 EST

Will Alanis Morissette Be An American Idol Judge? God, I Hope Not

By Robert Paul Reyes

"ALANIS MORISSETTE may find herself a seat at the `American Idol` `judges table. Names that have been rumored to be in talks with the show include country star Brad Paisley, R&B star Sean "Daddy" Combs and pop sensation Nick Jonas."


Boston Herald

Brad Paisley & Diddy might make good judges, but it would be a catastrophe if Alanis Morissette is hired as a judge.

Morissette is the quintessential angry young woman, and I can see her heaping scorn on a male contestant because he reminds her of a boyfriend who ditched her when she was a struggling artist.

Morissette may have mellowed since her prime in the 90`s, but she still gives me shivers whenever I see her on TV.

Morissette would make Simon Cowell look like a namby-pamby do-gooder who has love in his heart for all of God`s children, even the ones who can`t sing worth a lick.

Idol producers, for heaven`s sake don`t hire Morissette as a judge.

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