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Published:August 13th, 2012 14:45 EST

Dude Inflitrates Classical Music Station, Changes Playlist To Rap

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After exchanging his rhymes for crimes, a radio disc jockey who replaced music on a local classical station with offensive rap music decided to `face the music`.

CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald reports Romayne Davis, 32, of Lauderdale Lakes, turned himself in for infiltrating WKCP Classical South Florida`s (89.7 FM) airwaves."



I don`t know why the CBS writer refers to the music played as "offensive" rap music, the playlist included songs by such mainstream rap artists like T. Pain and R. Kelly. I guess he assumes that classical music lovers would find the rap genre inherently offensive.

If Davis is intelligent enough to infiltrate a classical music station and change the playlist, he should be using his technological wizardry to do something productive.

I agree with the CBS writer, Davis should face the music, that is to say his punishment should be to listen to classical music for 24 straight hours.

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