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Published:August 18th, 2012 12:49 EST

Crazy Chihuahua Torments Pooches & People In Swedish Neighborhood!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Swedish police responding to a report of an aggressive dog said they were surprised to learn the offending canine was a Chihuahua.

Police in Malmo said they were called to a neighborhood by residents who said a loose canine was acting aggressively toward passersby and had bitten another dog."



I am not surprised that the aggressive canine turned out to be a Chihuahua. When I go walking with my dog Mandy, a German Shepherd/Pit Bull, it`s always the tiny pooches who challenge us. It isn`t true that small dogs are all bark and no bite, a couple of the tiny terrors have bit my jeans and one even jumped on Mandy.

I always take a giant screwdriver with me when I walk with Mandy, in case we are attacked by a big dog, but maybe I should also carry a fly swatter to deal with the small pooches.

The dog that was bitten is recovering from her horrific ordeal, and the Chihuahua is still loose and wreaking havoc.

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