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Published:August 24th, 2012 11:11 EST
Averting the Nuclear War The Role of Russia and the Church

Averting the Nuclear War The Role of Russia and the Church

By SOP newswire

In 1917, the year of the Bolshevik uprising, the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima, Portugal, and warned of the annihilation of nations that would come if Russia was not converted and dedicated to the Immaculate Heart. She asked for the daily Rosary and later requested that the pope unite with the bishops of the world on one day to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart in a special solemnity never before undertaken for a particular country. She said that if her requests were not heeded, Russia would later emerge as a global threat to menace the world community.
The fact is that Russia was never consecrated, and what do we see now but the tail of the Red dragon thrashing about in the Arab countries and beyond. Russia is generating the present chaos as the plan is to bring down these governments (Egypt, Syria, etc.) and to secure those areas for the advance of world Communism (U.N.)

Worse yet, the Red dragon is thrashing about in our government through agencies like Homeland Security that were set up to take away America`s freedoms. The red attack was initially kicked into play on September 11, 2001. The game plan was to set up a national security force that would replace our military and later be used to hold the nation at gunpoint. The patsy would be Osama bin Laden who was on his deathbed at the time after a long bout with Marfan syndrome, which claimed him on December 14, 2001. He was never in hiding after 911.

According to Alex Jones and others, the Russians and one-worlders in our government were the ones who masterminded 911 for the purpose of creating a national terror that would provide an excuse for setting up Homeland Security which, under the guise of fighting terrorism, was actually set up to clamp down on conservative America. The internationalists deliberately created the illusion after 911 that intense security measures were being taken to protect our country so that no one would ever suspect that the king of terror would soon walk through the back door of our government and set up camp in the executive quarters. His KGB connections are no secret as neither are his plans to stir up racial unrest this fall.

If Homeland Security profiles anti-communist, prolife Americans as "terror suspects," that will tell you the KGB is entrenched in our government. They are now working from within to open our borders and bring a revolutionary insurgence up through Mexico into the United States, which is why the globalist confederacy in DC has been so opposed to guarding our borders.

The plan right now is to get the momentum going at the borders and to confiscate America`s guns in the anticipation of this attack, which follows the classic pattern before the takeover of a country. Gun Control Statistics - APFN The freak shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin were carefully orchestrated by this red confederacy to create a national horror of guns in order to justify U.N. imposed gun control on America, which is coming. The vote that enacts this into law is now pending at the U.N.

Historic Ruse

Naturally, Russia today is concealing their plan under the guise of a collapse of power. As they finalize their plan for world conquest they don`t want the world to suspect what they`re about to do (invade the west), so the Bear is simply playing dead while secretly promoting this global pacifism that advocates the overthrow of the establishment. Acclaimed author Christopher C. Horner puts it nicely where he says the Reds of yesterday are the Greens of today.

Russia`s strength has never been more evident. If the world believes that Communism died, it clearly demonstrates the great power that Russia now exerts over the western mind. Both Fatima and Holy Scripture foretold how in the last times the northern enemy would deceive the world with their "operation of error, to believe lying." (2 Thess. 2:10) The beast of the Apocalypse is staging this disappearing act in the anticipation of the greatest assault ever to come upon the human race - WW III and the annihilation of billions!

This insidious ruse is even recorded in Holy Scripture. In Apocalypse 17 it speaks of the beast of the last days that "was, and is not", and then returns from the bottomless pit to "go into destruction" so that the deceived inhabitants of the earth "shall wonder, seeing the beast that was, and is not." (17:8)

Communist Russia [U.S.S.R.] is the beast that "was, and is not." That is, they appear to not exist right now. But the Bear will suddenly re-emerge onto the world scene and go forward with her destructive plans so that the inhabitants of the earth "shall wonder" seeing the reappearance of the superpower that everyone thought had collapsed. The present day cries of peace and security were deliberately promoted by the Bear to put the world to sleep.

This pacifist delusion of the last times is especially evident in the Church with the false security that all are forgiven and that a day of sunshine has dawned upon Christianity (New Pentecost). The agents of Communism infiltrated into the Church with a plan to erase from our minds any notion of punishment or divine justice so that when the scourge came upon society and the Church we would not be ready. And the scourge from God will be Russia, which we now learn is deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Infiltration Of The Church

The Blessed Virgin at Fatima warned of the Communist infiltration of the Church that would occur if her requests to convert Russia were not heeded, and her prophecy has come to pass. Bella Dodd, a former high ranking official of the American Communist Party, testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in the early fifties concerning the Communist infiltration of Church and State, and provided detailed explanations of the Communist subversion of the Church. Speaking as a former insider in the know, she said: In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within. " Twelve years before Vatican II, she said: Right now they are in the highest places in the Church. " She also predicted changes in the Church that would be so drastic that you will not recognize the Catholic Church. "

Bella`s prophecy certainly has come to pass. The Church in our time is but a carcass of its former glory, stripped of all holiness and piety, largely because the fathers of the Second Vatican Council lent their ears to these red agents who called for change. " Dodd describes their inside work of:

  • Encouraging "the promotion of a pseudo-religion: something that resembled Catholicism but was not the real thing."
  • Labeling "the Church of the past as being oppressive, authoritarian, full of prejudices, arrogant in claiming to be the sole possessor of truth, and responsible for the divisions of religious bodies throughout the centuries."
  • Shaming Church leaders into "an openness to the world, and to a more flexible attitude toward all religions and philosophies."

There are other ex-Communists who have come forward with these revealing testimonies, including Anatoliy Golitsyn, a former high ranking KGB official involved with espionage and counter-espionage who defected to the United States in 1961. In 1990, Golitsyn warned:

"The Vatican should reverse its mistaken support for the renewal of the Communist régimes (1962 Moscow-Vatican Treaty)... It fails to understand that greater apparent official tolerance of religion is accompanied by a secret drive to increase Party and KGB penetration of the Catholic and other churches and to use agents therein for political and strategic purposes. As part of the program to destroy religion from within, the KGB, in the late 1950s started sending dedicated young Communists to ecclesiastical academies and seminaries to train them as future church leaders. These young Communists joined the Church at the call of the Communist Party... to implement its general line [unchanged policy] in the struggle against religion."

Manning Johnson, a former official of the American Communist Party testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1953 concerning the successful infiltration of Communist agents into Catholic seminaries, and said: "The policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful even beyond our communist expectations."

Back in the sixties the memoirs of a KGB agent were discovered by a French nurse named Marie Carre while attending to an auto accident in which the agent was killed. In his briefcase was found a set of biographical notes which she kept and read, and then decided to publish because of their extraordinary content. The end result is a little book entitled,

AA 1025 "The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, which reveals the sentiments and plans of this Communist who had deliberately entered the priesthood (along with others) with the intention of destroying the Catholic Church from within. The following excerpt is taken from his notes:

It was during those days that I launched on the market the program that would allow Catholics to be accepted by Protestants... I prophesied with assurance the suppression of Latin, of priestly vestments, of statues and images, of candles and prie-dieu (so that they could kneel no more). And I also started a very active campaign for the suppression of the Sign of the Cross. This Sign, and also genuflections, are all ridiculous customs. I also prophesied (and we were then in 1940) the disappearance of altars, replaced by a completely bare table, and also of all the crucifixes, in order that Christ be considered as a man, not as a God. I insisted that Mass be only a community meal, to which all would be invited, even unbelievers... I searched for the means of suppressing the Pope. I consoled myself by hoping that we would surely succeed in making him look foolish.

Six Signs

The priest infiltrators can be identified in six basic ways. They`ll preach that:

(1) The words of the Bible are just stories written down by men, and that the "devil" is only the Bible`s way of representing evil, that he really doesn`t exist.

(2) It is better to believe what today`s theologians are saying over those of pre-Vatican II times, saying in so little words that the previous theologians of history were all stupid.

(3) We must learn to forgive ourselves and stop worrying about sinning, because God is an all loving God who will not punish.

(4) We must never speak out against homosexuality because it makes us guilty of judging.

(5) We must love our neighbor first and God second.

(6) We needn`t worry about answering to God for sin, because one day we too will be little gods.

Communists study their opponents like guinea pigs and will tell them what their fallen nature wants to hear, and if they can do this from the pulpit in a cleric`s outfit it gives maximum credibility to their errors. One such agent in a seminary can corrupt the whole lump, which is why some of our seminaries today are hell-holes of heresy.

Since the time of Lenin the agents of Communism had sought to enter the Church as priest-infiltrators, but because the Church`s liturgical discipline was formerly intact and the light of Apostolic Tradition was aglow, these agents were restricted in what they could say or do. Whereas the Vatican II Council that convened in 1962 provided a perfect opening to accelerate the influx of Communists and Communist influence into the Church because of its policy of open dialogue with Soviets and its relaxation of Church discipline and morals that provided a more suitable climate for Communism to thrive in.

The plan in 1962 was to invite the Soviets to the Council, which is why a group of dissident cardinals organized by Cardinal Tisserent met secretly in France beforehand to sign the infamous 1962 Moscow-Vatican Treaty with Archbishop Nikodim of the Soviet Union. Russia`s objective was to subvert the Church through the Council, so it was crucial to their plan that the Church first be bound by a treaty that promised there would be no censure of Communism at the Council. Since 1962 the Church`s hands and feet have been bound by this treaty, while the agents of Communism have been gleefully at work dismantling the Church incognito.

Mary And The Red Dragon

We can understand why Our Lady at Fatima was so strategic in pinpointing Russia in her plan for world peace. Her appearance coincided directly with the Bolshevik revolt in 1917 wherein the Communists initiated their plan to oppress the people in Russia and beyond. There she was, head to head with the dragon in a historic move to hold back the Red forces as she appealed to the Church to assist her in keeping the doors of peace open to mankind.

But the Church unfortunately has ignored her requests to the detriment of the human race. The peace and reconciliation of the planet is still pending because one nation has not been collegially invited to partake of the everlasting floodgates that are ready to break forth from Our Lady`s Maternal Heart.

The Consecration would bring the dew of Heaven upon a spiritually parched world and vanquish this diabolical force of Communism that is warring against Christianity. Our Lady`s heel was fashioned for these very times and the pope and bishops are given push-button power to kick it into play for the greater victory of the Christian-free world.

The hierarchy would do well to recall the Consecration of Portugal by the bishops of that country in 1931 after which a miraculous transformation came upon that land as a reward for their faith. Not only did Portugal undergo sweeping political and social reform and a great rebirth of Catholic life but she was spared the devastation of World War II and the Spanish Civil War that was raging right next door. This miracle of peace that descended upon Portugal through Mary`s intercession was an example of what will also come upon Russia and the world when she is consecrated.

It behooves the Holy Father to use his powers and summon the bishops to do the Consecration. Consider the Blessed Virgin`s directive to Sister Lucia, the eldest of the Fatima seers, on June 13, 1929:

The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, and to order that in union with him and at the same time, all the bishops of the world make the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. "

Note that the Blessed Virgin names Russia as the sole recipient of this collegial blessing, for which reason the bishops must dedicate the Consecration entirely to Russia without the mention of other nations, lest they take away from the blessing intended exclusively for her. The idea is that they lament Russia`s alienation from the international faith community and aspire for the conversion of Russia.

But as it stands the bishops are depriving Russia! Our Lady at Fatima went out of her way to extend this special grace to Russia in order to advance its peace and prosperity in the world, so the bishops should comply with this directive to officially entrust Russia to Mary. It would be the most supreme way of drawing God`s love upon the human race and fulfilling the Two Great Commandments. The Consecration would squelch the demon of Communism and liberate the masses from its snares, beginning in Russia.

But it would also convert Russia and sanctify its people. The Heavenly Queen would take this nation under her mantle and claim it as her own so that they too could be a chosen people to help advance the light of God among the nations.

However the Holy Father must initiate this move for the Consecration of Russia. This order for the Consecration is from God to the pope and must be given to the bishops, and they in turn must follow his directive to the letter or the world will be doomed. They are asked to formally entrust Russia to Mary so that it will be her own possession to exorcise, liberate, and to convert to the Church of Rome.

The Catholic hierarchy is entrusted with this mission to save the people of Russia and the world, and it`s high time they acknowledge it! Their compliance with this Heavenly directive is what will open the way to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart on earth. It is being left in their hands to make the difference now between world peace or a world at war.

By David Martin