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Published:August 26th, 2012 12:03 EST

Per TMZ Hottie Katy Perry Turned Down $20 Million To Be Judge On American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

"American Idol desperately wanted Katy Perry to fill one of its vacant judge`s seats, so much so, they offered her $20 MILLION ... but she still turned it down ... TMZ has learned."



I`m sure this news will go down very well with Mariah Carey, who reportedly signed an $18 million contract to serve as a judge on Idol.

Mariah probably kicked the dogg, messed up Ryan Seacrest`s hair, pimp slapped Nick Cannon, and ripped out the remaining hair on Jimmy Lovine`s head when she heard the news.

"American Idol" has gone to the dogs and only a dogg (Randy Jackson) or a washed-up pop star (Mariah Carey) can be lured to serve as judges.

Katy Perry is a superstar who is too busy recording and touring to waste her time or damage her reputation by being part of a show that`s on its last legs.

Simon Cowell should return to the set of American Idol and beat up Ryan Seacrest as a sign that that Idol is beyond salvation.

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