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Published:September 1st, 2012 12:34 EST

Woman, 82, Arrested For Burglary Has 21-Page Rap Sheet!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An 82-year-old woman (Doris Thompson) with a rap sheet dating back to 1955 has been arrested on suspicion of burglarizing at least eight doctors` offices throughout Torrance.


Thompson has a 21-page rap sheet that includes arrests from 1955 for disturbing the peace, burglary, forgery and grand theft from Los Angeles to the South Bay to Beverly Hills."


Doris Thompson illustrates the total failure of our criminal justice system to rehabilitate or discourage lawbreakers from a life of crime.

Thompson has served time in state prison nine times, it`s time to remove the revolving door from prisons and let habitual offenders rot behind bars.

Whether she`s free and living on welfare or behind bars, Thompson will be a financial burden on society until, mercifully for taxpayers, she dies. But at least in prison she won`t be able to break into your home, steal your vehicle, or disturb your peace.

A couple of years ago Thompson uttered this pearl of wisdom: Wouldn`t do all this nonsense if the government gave us more money. If only she received a bigger welfare check she wouldn`t have burglarized the homes of hardworking citizens.

Some people never get it; they never develop a conscience and a sense of self-worth. They want the government to hand them everything on a silver platter.

Thompson has spent most of her life behind bars, prison authorities should name a cell block after her, and the only way she should be allowed to leave the prison is in a casket.

Obama: If my grandmother were still alive, she`d look like like this sweet dear woman. I hope she gets out of prison in time to vote for me.

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