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Published:September 2nd, 2012 12:10 EST
Do Not Attack Iran:  Ensure Peace in the Middle East

Do Not Attack Iran: Ensure Peace in the Middle East

By SOP newswire

Mr Netanyahu, I will be as succinct as it is possible to be within the English language:

DO NOT ATTACK IRAN! If you do so, it will NOT be in order to ensure peace in the Middle East. It will be an action designed to bolster your imagined self-image as the Zionist leader of the 21st century who saved the Jewish people from a second holocaust, when you know full well that that is a complete nonsense.

The greatest threat to the Jewish people both in Israel and in the Diaspora is a Likud government that is so obsessed with its own perceived importance that it is blind to the animosity it engenders amongst ordinary people in democratic nation states around the world. You are a warmonger! You have not the wit nor sense to understand that what you are doing is damaging in the extreme to Jewish communities around the world, in Paris, London and yes, even ultimately in NY and LA.

Intransigence, bullying, contempt for the UN, contempt for the president of the US - the country that funds your own economy and contempt for human rights and civil liberties, are all facets of a man who suffers from such an inferiority complex that he should be involved in therapy not government.

You are endangeringh the very identity and future of the Jewish state for which so many suffered and died over the past hundred years. To survive, you must talk peace not war, and mean it.


By Douglas Reed