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Published:September 2nd, 2012 10:49 EST
NASA Gives Green Light to Launch Trash into Space

NASA Gives Green Light to Launch Trash into Space

By Ron G Anselm


When it comes to pollution on our planet we all know how big a problem this is and continues to be as we try to talk about the Green " approach to saving our environment but when it comes to trash in space that is now a different story. NASA has given the go ahead to clean-up the International Space Station and remove the build-up of trash that has accumulated over a long period of time.

The unwanted clutter of trash on the International Space station has sparked years of debate, so to remedy the problem NASA decided to jettison some of the waste into space.

Nicholas Johnson who is the chief scientist for NASA`s orbital debris program had this to say, "We are only going to be doing it in rare cases under very strict conditions. " (Johnson,N.) So, it`s not like NASA is going to take the dump the trash out the window " approach like you see when you drive down some of these backwoods and country roads here in the Deep South. They are more than likely going to have a process and procedure implemented and in place to dump that old empty roll of toilet paper or get rid of that smelly empty can of sardines you ate last year for lunch amongst other entities of old trash.

Believe it or not there are other items of unwanted debris floating around space. The idea to dump trash in space is that the gravitational pull from Earth will pull it downward towards us and as the smelly debris enters our atmosphere it is supposedly going to burn up. Not the case in a lot of instances.

Trash has been dumped in space over the years from prior NASA space missions and is still floating aimlessly to this day. So, if your ever taking a Sunday drive in space (not that you more than likely will be) don`t be surprised if you see an empty milk bottle drifting by your windshield as if it was just lolly gagging around minding its own business.

As I was saying that there has been other items of trash dumped into space in the past, NASA is currently tracking about thirteen-thousand pieces of old trash which are just the largest items floating out there with nowhere to go. Some of the items of trash that has made space their home for a very long time includes a can of paint from an old spacecraft pitted the windscreen of the shuttle Challenger in 1983, a baseball glove that Edward White (American astronaut) lost back in 1965 while on one of the NASA missions and British astronaut Piers Sellers lost a putty knife last July while taking a stroll on one of his space walks.

Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin will be adding to the pile of junk floating in space when he attempts to add another feat to the Guinness Book of World`s Records by attempting to take the world`s longest golf shot from outside the International Space station. This attempt is already shaping up as if it was a stunt like Evil Knievel trying to jump the Grand Canyon (did he try the Grand Canyon? Can`t remember back that far) calculations are already being set by NASA. NASA has the golf ball in orbit for three days before it finally burns up in the Earth`s atmosphere and the Russian scientists are trumping that call and saying the ball could stay in orbit for not three days but three years. Wow, probably won` be like Tiger Woods teeing up on the first hole at Pebble Beach but should prove to be interesting. I am sure we will see.

The first piece of trash or space junk " was Pioneer eleven which was launched back in 1974. Back then it was not considered space junk but is now because it is still floating out in space with no chance of making its way back to Earth to burn up in the Earth`s atmosphere. One NASA scientist commented on Pioneer Eleven by saying, "How fitting that our first emissary to the stars is our trash. " (


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