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Published:September 13th, 2012 09:19 EST

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Goes Bonkers On Set Of 'Scary Movie 5'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dimension Films signed Lohan to play a cameo in the horror spoof opposite Charlie Sheen. But over the past two weeks - as the date for filming approached - Lohan disappeared, blew off rehearsals, missed her flight to the set and even bizarrely claimed she had walking pneumonia.


The Post reports the troubled starlet `freaked out` after seeing the script was poking fun at her. At the 11th hour, Lohan did report for work, however only after she was threatened with a lawsuit by a Hollywood legal eagle and a private jet was sent to pick her up, sources tell The Post`s Page Six."

Fox News

The troubled starlet went bonkers when she realized the script was poking fun at her; did she think she was hired because she`s a gifted thespian?

The train wreck went so far as to pretend that she had walking pneumonia to avoid rehearsals, it would have been more believable if she had claimed to be suffering from a venereal disease.

The producers have incurred extra expenses and lost time trying to get the pop tart to do a cameo, imagine what a headache it will be when a brain-dead producer hires Lilo to play a starring role.

Lohan is a hopeless case and she belongs in a mental institution or permanent rehab, not on a movie set.

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