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Published:September 15th, 2012 10:06 EST
Death Democracy via the Regime Change Doctrine

Death Democracy via the Regime Change Doctrine

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Major power brokers and many Political Think Tanks" pushed and supported the rebellion in Egypt as I voiced my concerns that it would result in a Muslim Brotherhood " regime over that of the Father of the Egyptian Rebellion."

Mohamade Elbaradei as well as my concerns for the loss of freedoms that the protesters hoped to gain if the Muslim Brotherhood " came to power... The Egyptian movement was an obvious win and the President, as well as most Political party politicians sided with the protesters in favor of Democracy without really taking a clear look at the probable end results of the movement.

In Libya, I pushed for a "Divide Libya" policy via the CFR as well as suggestions for "Humanitarian Intervention" via our U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations... The U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice presented the "Humanitarian Intervention" to the United Nations and gained that support to prevent Gadafi`s blood thirst march to destroy the Eastern Libyan rebellion.

Yet, the CFR and I voiced concerns of the "Regime Changers" at the Pentagon and by both Democrats and Republicans; thereby, swaying the President that Gadhafi had to go via the Regime Change Doctrine" that I call "Death Diplomacy." Granted Gadhafi had been a bit of a pain since the Reagan Admin, but Gadhafi also made many foreign policy strides by abandoning his quest for nuclear weapons and denouncing terrorism.

I strongly disagreed with a "Gadhafi Regime Change " policy. I felt that a "Divided Libya" policy would work, and most importantly work in much more peaceful way. I would have most likely prevented the Civil War in Libya, and the mass exodus of War Immigrants."

Now our "Death Democracy has resulted in our Diplomats Deaths."  I am saddened to see the Ambassador, and his fellow Diplomats lose their lives. I strongly feel that it could have been prevented via more solid Diplomacy.

Diplomacy that gave more thought into the adoption of a "Divided Libya Policy", a sound entry and exit strategy to Divide Libya", which could have prevented the civil conflict. My Divide Libya" policy would have prevented the Civil War; thereby, saving tens of thousands of lives, and the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of War Immigrants. It would have also kept hundreds of thousands of loose weapons off the streets, and out of the hands of strongmen and radicals that recently stormed the U.S. Embassy and killed American Diplomats."

A more thought out Divide Libya" policy would not only have saved lives, but could have placed America in a position to have more constructive influence and control over Eastern Libya where the Ambassadors death occurred; as well as a continued trade and commerce business in Western Libya where Gadhafi would have remained in power due to his popular support... To this day the deaths and the brutal treatment and death of Gadhafi saddens me and serves as a reminder that Death Democracy "is failed Diplomacy."

Diplomats have a tough job and little room for mistakes as it can easily result in death and destruction, to include their own deaths. Diplomats have to use their mind, over U.S. might, and they have to work hard to shape constructive policy and prevent the spread of violence.

As I offer up my sad condolences, as well as my anger towards the attacks, I also offer up a voice of reason and call for Diplomats to use more constructive leadership over that of embracing destructive leadership that wins peace and spreads prosperity.

"Attacks on U.S. officials in Libya and on our embassy in Cairo were unjustified and unreasonable... " Democracy allows for "Freedom Speech, even when it mocks Religion in a deplorable manor." I strongly support investigative actions that can bring the protest organizers and perpetrators to justice. My thoughts go out to the families, and loved ones of the Foreign Service members who gave their lives in the service of the United States of America, and my prayers and best wishes go out to those that continue to serve abroad. These tragic events should serve as a reminder of the sacrifice of those who serve overseas; be it in the military and diplomatic corps, NGO`s, Peace Corp, or the many number of other American organizations that play a valued role in promoting peace and prosperity via Diplomacy around the globe. The United States is forever grateful to them and their families for their progressive service, security, trade and commerce initiatives for our great nation."

Thank you, and God Bless
Harvey Carroll, Jr.