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Published:September 25th, 2012 15:14 EST

Honey Boo Boo Is Proud Aunt Of Niece Born With 2 Thumbs On One Hand

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Reality star June Shannon has stated that her granddaughter will not be having surgery to remove the extra thumb on her right hand anytime soon.

Kaitlyn, whose mother is Ms Shannon`s 18-year-old daughter Anna `Chickadee`, was born on July 26 and shortly after the bone abnormality was detected.


But it has been revealed that doctors do not want to operate on the two-month-old infant, as they would rather wait until her digits are fully developed."

Daily Mail

Given the redneck diet of road kill, pork rinds, fried chicken, and Cheetos that Chickadee and her family subsist on, it`s a miracle the baby wasn`t born with two horns on its head.

A baby with two thumbs on one hand is the least freaky thing about this countrified family. There are more pressing surgeries that need to be performed on this redneck clan, they could all use a brain transplant for one.

The Shannon/Thompson blended family is very tolerant and forgiving of each other`s eccentricities, I`m sure they will shower with love the new addition to their clan.

Baby Kaitlyn is adorable, click the Daily Mail link to see pics of her.

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