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Published:September 28th, 2012 12:23 EST
New Book Unveils the Core of Child Abuse

New Book Unveils the Core of Child Abuse

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Loving Healing Press (Michigan), September 28, 2012 "Victims of childhood abuse must understand exactly what the abuse did to them, or else they cannot get free. Heyward B. Ewart`s new book Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood After Abuse (ISBN-13: 978-1615991686, Loving Healing Press, September 2012) provides an effective 7-step program for use by victims, their therapists, and for group work.

If you were abused or neglected as a child, chances are that the impact of the abuse haunts you throughout, whether you are a man, a woman, or a teen. But not anymore, as Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood After Abuse provides clear understanding into how abuse works its way through the soul. The author, a qualified and experienced therapist and a spiritual guide, explains the core nature of abuse, what helps it persist, and how to find the way out by counting on personal strength, confidence, and faith.  

  • In this book, survivors and professionals will discover:
  • How celebrities become addicts
  • Why twelve-step programs don`t work and can be extremely harmful
  • What a faith-based 7-step program for abuse recovery can do for you
  • How addressing abuse solves cycle of addiction
  •  Why mental illness is a reaction to somebody else`s craziness
  • How group work can transform victims into survivors
  • Why `bootleg` churches are starving souls and endangering America


  • A Test to Find DANGEROUS STUDENTS before it`s too late

Acknowledging its excellence, Soul Rape has been endorsed with both Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by the Roman Catholic Church for its faith-based recovery method.

Therapists` acclaim for Soul Rape 

"...a tour de force of the tortured landscape of child abuse and its pernicious long-term outcomes. This book is an important contribution towards the edification of victims and institutions alike."

Sam Vaknin, PhD, author Malignant Self-Love

"This book should be compulsory reading for anyone dealing with abused children or abused adults, or adult survivors of childhood abuse."

Robert Rich, PhD, M.A.P.S, A.A.S.H.

"I am currently working on a USAID-funded Women`s Health and Family Welfare Project in Indonesia. We are very interested in using your tests on child abuse and domestic violence and will translate them."

Harriet Beazley, PhD, Women`s Health & Family Welfare Project, Indonesia


About the Author

Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., is the President of St. James the Elder Theological Seminary that combines distance learning with close personal interaction and supervised experience. He is the author of AM I BAD? Recovering from Abuse (2007) and SOUL RAPE: Recovering Personhood After Abuse (2012). He is also Patriarch of the Holy Catholic Church International. 


To order a review copy of the book or arrange an interview with Heyward B. Ewart, please write to or call tollfree 888-761-6268. To learn more about the Loving Healing Press, visit