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Published:September 28th, 2012 16:41 EST

Urban Farmer Cancels Plan To Post Rabbit Butchering Video On Internet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An urban farm in Pittsburgh said a rabbit butchering demonstration has been canceled following an outcry from animal rights supporters.

Cornelius Frantz-Deppe, a Garfield urban farmer who raises rabbits for meat, said he canceled plans to demonstrate rabbit butchering at the Knotweed Urban Farm in Pittsburgh and he won`t be publicly demonstrating rabbit butchering anytime soon."



Animal lovers, especially children, love bunnies; only an amoral person with no respect for rabbits or people would consider putting up a video on the Internet demonstrating how to butcher a rabbit. Why not upload a video on YouTube demonstrating how to poison your grandmother in order to take possession of your inheritance?

Rabbits are adorable, and many people own them as pets. Children would have been traumatized if they had seen a video of a rabbit being butchered.

I don`t give the farmer any credit for cancelling his plan to make the offensive video; he changed his mind only after a barrage of complaints from animal lovers.

The lesson to be learned from this sickening story is to speak out when you hear about animals being abused or tortured.

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