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Published:October 1st, 2012 11:25 EST
Ex-NASA Engineers Venture into Making Coffee Where No Coffee Drinker has Gone Before

Ex-NASA Engineers Venture into Making Coffee Where No Coffee Drinker has Gone Before

By Ron G Anselm


When we think of that morning cup of coffee we think about either buying the five pound can where we can take a cheap coffee filter, put it in the tray of our cheap coffee maker, spoon out just the right amount of coffee to make sure it is not too weak but yet not like drinking ninety-weight oil, we then pour the right amount (or so we try) of water in the back of our cheap coffee maker, plug it in and turn on the on switch that is just about seen better days and has been turned on so much it is ready to fall off and onto the counter. It`s like we turn on the switch and we pray that it will please last one more time so I can get my caffeine fix I so desperately need in the early morning hours before going to work.

As the coffee brews like an off the wall science experiment we can smell the sweet aroma that fills our small apartment and as we wait anxiously for the coffee to be ready we get sort of excited about taking that first sip when we get the chance to finally pour it in our coffee cup that we have used for the last five years, every morning, routinely as if the cup was a part of us and a sanctuary that helps fill our daily need for coffee. The coffee cup has been used so much it is stained from prior cups of coffee from long ago and probably has the same principles of when we were in Junior High School how we waited for a month before we took our gym clothes home before deciding to wash them (not that I ever did that no way dude) we just kept using those gym clothes class after class as we use our coffee cup morning after morning (Yes, I do wash my coffee cup after every use).

That first sip of coffee is like a heroin addict needing their daily fix, a lot of us needs our morning coffee to even be able to open our eyes after getting out of bed. As the coffee pot makes that gurgling sound (or at least mine does) as the last of the water is filtered through the system and into the tray holding the coffee and through the coffee turning magically into that java juice, we get excited like a puppy getting a dog treat after performing a pet trick.

I ... whoops, I mean WE run over to the pot, pour out the coffee into our mungy coffee cup and BAM! That first sip of coffee hits us as if we were a football coach getting the Gatorade poured over us after a championship win in Green Bay in the middle of winter. (Not that the Packers have done that lately or probably won`t happen this year either)

If none of us tend to go through this daily coffee scenario I wrote about above then we are probably one of the millions of Starbucks hounds that get dressed in the morning, hit our car, rush to the nearest Starbucks (trying to beat those early morning risers) to get our fix of caffeine.

Well, there is more to making coffee than just putting coffee in a tray, pouring water in the coffee maker, plugging in the cord and turning on the switch and that is to just go to the nearest coffee house to get our coffee and NASA has proven it.

A small group of former NASA Engineers and a couple of ex-Apple computer Engineers decided to go where no coffee drinker has gone before. They engineered a coffee maker that does just about everything on its own accept give a massage to the user.

A cost estimated eleven-thousand; one-hundred and eleven dollar coffee maker is going to be going to the market to be sold to retail coffee houses or whoever wants to own one. This new coffee system measures the liquids heat as the coffee is brewed to maintain the perfect temperature throughout the brewing process. I guess to make the perfect cup of coffee with the perfect taste you have to have the perfect temperature which if you think about it does make sense because with any cooking of anything, food, your skin while lying on the beach, etc. you have to have the perfect amount of measured heat or temperature to be able to cook moderately and slowly through any process as to cook evenly and not burn the source being cooked which creates the perfect flavor.

The new coffee system is named Blossom One and is already in the marketing mix for taking pre-orders. It is about the size of a desk top computer measuring seven inches wide. Jeremy Kuempel who is one of the brainchildren behind this new invention was asked a funny question if he was a coffee drinker and he responded with, I`m obsessed with it. " (Kuempel, J.) I guess you would have to be obsessed with a necessity (to most people) like drinking coffee to be able to come up with an idea like this one.

One of the main engineering ideas of this new coffee brewing technology is to only let the liquid or water brewing the coffee to only touch glass and steel because both of these materials are inert materials and will not have any chemical reaction when touching glass or steel which allows the state of the process to stay intact.

The idea around this invention took the out of the box approach when designing the coffee system. It was designed form the opposite thought process from the outside in rather than the inside out approach. Kuempel commented on this by saying, "We started with the coffee and designed around it.  (Kuempel, J.)

The Blossom One system also will come with WI-FI capability and a QR Scanner which will have a camera. The reasoning behind this and having a camera in the system is the manufacture of the system will be working with high-end coffee providers which will eventually allow the user of the machine to be able to scan a QR code on the coffee bag which will allow the coffee maker to get the information on the type(s) of coffee being brewed and how to brew it. Sort of like coffee brewing instructions since each type of coffee bean is different in growing and texture which will allow you (the user) to always make the perfect cup of coffee no matter what type of coffee bean you are making.

The NASA Engineers are so fixated about coffee they have designed this new system as if it was going to blast off and orbit into space. When Kuempel was asked about this new crazy technology being added to the Blossom One system he commented by saying, "This is how crazy we are about coffee, design and service." (Kuempel, J.)

In addition to all the technology the end-use will be getting with buying the coffee system there will also be a one-year warranty and a guarantee from the manufacturer that the coffee system will do exactly what it says it will do; a huge bang for your buck.

So, forget that pain in the rump morning routine of making that cheap coffee you bought at Wal-Mart; break open your piggy bank and buy yourself one of these coffee entities that has taken the art of brewing a cup of coffee into a whole new dimension consisting of engineering drawings and mechanical thinking that only former NASA Engineers could think of.


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( Retrieved 2012.

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