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Published:October 3rd, 2012 12:39 EST

Miracle: Plucky Poodle Survives 11-Mile Ride In Grill Of Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A female poodle mix survived an 11-mile ride wedged in a car`s front grill after she was struck by the vehicle traveling 50 mph.

The driver says he slammed on the brakes when the dog ran out onto the road in Taunton, Mass., on Sept. 20, but continued on his way when he didn`t see the pooch anywhere.


It wasn`t until another driver stopped him in East Providence, R.I., that he realized the dog had gotten stuck inside his car`s grill."

New York Daily News

This is not a hit-and-run incident, when the driver realized the pooch was stuck inside his vehicle`s grill, he immediately went to the police station, where animal control officers freed the poor animal.

The canine went through a horrific ordeal, but it warms my heart that people intervened to save his life. I commend the gentleman who stopped the driver with the poodle in his grill, and the animal control heroes who freed the hapless creature from the grill.

Whenever we see an animal in distress, we must do whatever we can to help him. If you see a deer on the road and he`s still desperately clinging to life, call animal control so they can put him out of his misery.

The poodle`s owner still hasn`t come forward, but there`s many animal lovers who would love to adopt him. The poodle wasn`t seriously injured, and he would make a terrific pet.

Click link to see pics of the adorable pooch:

Photo: (Generic Poodle)

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