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Published:October 10th, 2012 15:22 EST
Jessica Ridgeway Case: Dad Has History of Domestic Abuse. Red Flag!

Jessica Ridgeway Case: Dad Has History of Domestic Abuse. Red Flag!

By SOP newswire2


I read your comments,  "In Jessica Ridgeway Case, Police Don`t Suspect a `Random Child Abductor`! Why Not?" and totally agree with you. 

My concerns are this: if mom watched her walk till out of sight as a concerned parent, why not answer the phone all day? Also, there is usually a list of other people to contact on the students file at school. Apparently school phoned mom several times. Was there no other contact listed on Jessica`s school file? No "in case of emergency" contact. I find this very strange. 

The back pack I believe was a plant too. My granddaughter is 11. Has a cell phone that`s never shut off and equipped with GPS. Phone is on silent during school hours. Why no phone for protection for this innocent child. 

Dad has a history of domestic abuse. Flag!

 I`m sure dad is keeping quiet per his attorneys request seeing there`s a custody battle going on. His mother (which he lives with) seems to be very cooperative, thank God for that! 

If Jessica has no cell phone, have one of her friends contact mom when she arrives to school. Is this ignorance or "who cares"? My granddaughter texts when she gets on the bus, texts when she gets off. She walks about 3/4 mile home from bus stop. No anymore. I stay home and babysit my grandchildren; I now pick her up from bus stop. 

For some strange reason I don`t think this so called person driving around trying to pick up kids did this. Not sure why I think this. Maybe because the police have not seemed interested in watching or searching for him. 

I know her home town. I have family there and spent my summers there when younger. My cousin walks his dog daily. He`s been going by and through the park daily trying to find a clue. 

Thank you for your thoughts. Your article makes the most sense of all the others I have read.

Lee Ann