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Published:October 17th, 2012 08:08 EST
Does Alexis Wright`s Zumba Sex Scandal Give the World`s Oldest Profession a New Twist?

Does Alexis Wright`s Zumba Sex Scandal Give the World`s Oldest Profession a New Twist?

By John G. Kays


The Kennebunk, Maine sex scandal, implicating Zumba dance instructor, Alexis Wright in countless acts of pro[st]itution, hit critical mass yesterday, when Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren decided to issue a list of 21 Johns publicly, publishing their names, ages, and addresses. Very few news agencies chose to publish these lists, preferring the higher, traditional ground of ethical discretion. There were exceptions, however, and anyone with some Internet research savvy can obtain this hit list.


I don`t have any such curiosity or flaming passion to see this list myself, although we`re hearing some big people in high places sought out Alexis Wright`s extracurricular activities. One wonders whether these prominent men will be ostracized by this conservative New England community? Nathaniel Hawthorne`s Scarlet Letter is being bandied around on the Internet as an appropriate analogy of Puritanism versus free-form salaciousness. But this is the 21st Century; the Scarlet Letter takes place in the summer of 1642?


Well, I`m not so sure that the analogy is particularly appropriate, since it only tells the story of adultery, while this contemporary one is a blatant example of entrepreneurship in the world`s Oldest Profession, which is, of course, Pro[s]titution with a capital P.  Not that this is anything so new or original, and yet several aspects of this Zumba operation caught my eye as a trifle unusual, compared with ordinary MOs we hear of in the news, when a big bust goes down, after a long, arduous sting operation by some zealous law enforcement organization. Kennebunk is so different!


One item that is striking, is the keeping of meticulous records, as if this was simply ordinary business taking place, and that the books would be in good working order, should, say, the IRS care to take a peek at some of the carefully organized ledgers of daily transaction. Good record keeping in any business, that hopes to be successful, is a virtue, so we need not fault Alexis Wright and her partner in this caper, Mark Strong for this.


The only problem is, however, that paper records showing the exchange of money for sexual favors is fertile fodder for prosecutors, wanting to prove the provenance of illicit activity, involving some of the most influential cats in our prudent society. Well, eureka! The partners in crime did this on purpose to cover themselves should they ever be exposed, which turns out to be the case. And yet, other aspects of this operation support my claim that they wanted to handily cushion themselves.


It`s almost as if they knew they`d get caught! They videoed many of the sessions; how could so many intelligent pillars of our society (otherwise known as Johns) not have known that Alexis and Mark might video them in the act? This was the conspirators insurance, their trump card, should they get busted (which they did). And now a lot of these sex videos are floating around on po[r]n sights; this is total devastation and career ruin for many of these Big Cats! Whamo! They`re gone.Cook Goose!


Alexis obviously doesn`t care, and will probably get off with a light sentence. And now she will become a celebrity and can make the talk show circuit, and will come out smelling like a rose. Really, this case is the reverse of what has happened in the past. Back in the day, the men would get away with it and the girls would be ruined. This one is just the opposite; a victory for Women`s Lib! Well, perhaps not that? But boy, did Alexis Wright figure out a way to practice the world`s oldest profession, and emerge unscathed!