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Published:October 18th, 2012 11:00 EST

Mascot That Looks Like Decrepit Old Dude Found In Garbage Bin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Texas woman said Wilbur, a stuffed neighborhood mascot she made in the image of her late husband, was rescued from a garbage bin and returned to her.

Imogene Genetti, 86, of Amarillo, who made the life-sized cotton-stuffed mascot in the image of her late husband, Herman, who died in March 2007, said Wilbur vanished from her porch in early September and was returned to her home Tuesday by a man who said he found it in a garbage bin."



I would have stolen Wilbur, and dumped him in a garbage bin. There is nothing scarier than an old man, because he reminds us of our impending death.

A mascot made to look like an old coot, is a million times scarier than one that looks like a goblin, witch or vampire.

Imogene should keep Wilbur on her porch only during the Halloween season, the rest of the year she should store him in the basement.

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