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Published:October 18th, 2012 13:17 EST

Rapper & Reality Star Flavor Flav Arrested For Domestic Battery!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Flavor Flav has been jailed in Las Vegas on charges of felony assault and misdemeanor domestic battery. Police say he argued with his fiancée and threatened to attack her teen son with a knife.


The 53-year-old Public Enemy rapper and reality television star`s legal name is William J. Drayton Jr. He`s being held on $23,000 bail at Clark County`s jail."


Flavor Flav is 53-freakin`-years-old, but he still wears a baseball cap cocked to the side, saggy pants, and a giant clock around his neck. This fool needs to pull up his pants, wear a baseball cap the proper way, and ditch the giant clock.

Lenny Bruce famously said there`s nothing sadder than an ageing hipster, I would argue that there`s nothing more pathetic than an ageing gangsta.

Flav didn`t let his popularity as a member of Public Enemy in the 80`s and 90`s or his surprising resurgence in several reality shows in recent years stop him from engaging in criminal acts. Flav has a long rap sheet, he`s been a criminal since he was a child, and it wouldn`t be surprising if he died behind bars.

Flav assaulted his fiancée`s teen son; he would have done more damage if he had clocked the kid with his giant clock.

Tick tock, your time is almost up fool! Make something of yourself before you croak!

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