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Published:October 19th, 2012 12:30 EST
SOP Battle of the Bands Features Kirsten Proffit with 'Break Your Heart'

SOP Battle of the Bands Features Kirsten Proffit with 'Break Your Heart'

By SOP newswire2

It has been said that when her parents split up, the only thing they fought over was the record collection ".

There are moments that seem to mark one`s life indelibly.

Born in Santa Cruz, CA, Kirsten`s family moved to Spain where they lived in the port city of Majorca chiefly so her father could smuggle contraband and soak in the Spanish culture (no lie). There was always music; guitars, sax, pianos, Jackson Browne, David Bowie, Etta James, etc amid any family chaos. Naturally, a songwriter is born from these beginnings.

Kirsten Proffit`s Lucky Girl " received radio play in much of the US and all over internet radio as well as tv and film. It was picked up in movie theaters throughout the country and in Wyndam hotels worldwide.

Some further uses of Kirsten`s talents: she wrote and performed 3 songs in Martin Short`s film Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood, and Something I Can`t Be " was in TV`s Dawson`s Creek. Her songs have also appeared in the DVD`s for Party of Five, Dawson`s Creek and Felicity, as well as three songs in the full-length documentary Normal People Scare Me. Other song placements include The Jay Leno Show, Friday Night Lights, Melrose Place 2009, All My Children, Various shows on The Style Network, TLC, The Outdoor Channel and others. Kirsten won Best Female Artist " and was nominated for Best Female Acoustic Live Performer " at the 2006 OC Music Awards.

Her soon to be released follow up record is a departure from the more pop effort before it. The new record is a fusion of roots instruments over savvy pop songwriting and guitars.
The song California " is the realization that you can`t go back to love affairs of the past.
Whatever That Means "(co write with Bruce Witkin) is a sassy, awakening-to-a-new-life anthem.
The Sweetest Kiss " is a hauntingly simple but lovely look at that moment when you just know "
These, with the other songs on the record are a unique, quirky but meaningful, ear friendly dose songwriting.

Stay tuned for a release date and tour schedule.

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