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Published:October 23rd, 2012 12:10 EST
The European Parliament Urged to Vote against the EU-Israel Agreement

The European Parliament Urged to Vote against the EU-Israel Agreement

By SOP newswire2


The European Parliament is urged to vote against the EU-Israel Agreement on Conformity, Assessment and Acceptance (ACAA), next week in Strasbourg.

  1. The Israeli state by continuing with its illegal settlement program in the occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in clear contempt of the ruling of the International Court of Justice and against the authority of the United Nations and the demands of the UK and the other EU member states, is intending to frustrate the establishment of a Palestinian state.

  1. Furthermore, Israel is already in gross breach of its specific obligations under Article 2 of the existing EU-Israel Association Agreement in regard to Human & Civil Rights.

  1. The reason that the Israeli government is able to continue to flout international law and continue with its illegal colonization is the huge profits that it already makes from its bilateral trade with the EU that is currently worth in the region of 30 billion euros. Without this trade, the Israeli government would be forced to comply with international law.

  1. There are compelling reasons for peace in the Middle East and the continued allowance of Israel to trade with Europe goes against these principles and will soon lead to a new conflict that could very easily see Israel deploying its undeclared nuclear warheads against its neighbors in a war that would threaten not only the Middle East but also Europe and the world.

  1. The European Union should act from strength and not from weakness or from threats. The EU Parliament represents 27 nation states with nearly 500,000,000 citizens. Its primary duty must be to this constituency and not to an expansionist nuclear state in the Middle East that refuses to comply with international law, or even to sign the nuclear NPT.

  1. The EU Parliament is urged to vote against this proposed agreement.

By Douglas Reed