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Published:October 25th, 2012 09:33 EST

Outrage: Secret Service Harass Man Who Hung Effigy Of Obama From Tree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Moreno Valley man who hung an effigy of President Obama from a tree called the incident a  `misunderstanding` Tuesday, saying it was a Halloween party prop getting all blown out of proportion.


Eddie Million spoke to reporters after he was questioned by Secret Service agents late Tuesday, the Press-Enterprise reported."


Hanging an effigy of the first black President from a tree may have been racist and in bad taste, but it`s constitutionally protected free speech.

It may be a federal offense to threaten the President, but this should be filed under "political statement" or "rank stupidity."

The Secret Service agents would be doing less harm to our country if they picked up ho[o]kers at a hotel, instead of harassing a citizen who hasn`t broken any laws.

Donald Trump and Islamic terrorists pose a greater threat to Obama; the Secret Service goons should turn their attention elsewhere.

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