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Published:November 4th, 2012 11:28 EST

Crazy Joe Biden: I'm Taking Vacation 3 Days After Election! Yes, You Will Joe!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Well, I`m going to take a vacation about three days after this election is over, that`s what they told me."

Vice President Joe Biden


Win or lose, Biden is destined to take a long vacation. If Obama wins crazy Uncle Joe will spend his second term in office in the White House attic. They might let Bo visit Biden from time to time, but nobody else will want to be anywhere near the gaffe machine. Biden has done enough damage to Obama to last a lifetime; I promise you there won`t be a landline, cell phone, fax machine or computer in the attic.

If Obama loses, the 70-year-old career politician will be on permanent vacation. Biden will spend his remaining days collaring politicians and potential donors with his pathetic plea: Hey man, will you support me in 2016 if I decide to run for president? With my Scranton roots and my ready smile, I`m a cinch to win! All the grannies think I`m a rock star, the college kids consider me their favorite uncle, and the press loves me so much they always follow me around just waiting for me to say something brilliant.

Joe, the voters will tell you on November 6, 2012 that they want you on permanent vacation.

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