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Published:November 4th, 2012 10:05 EST
Survival Tips to Bring Peace to Syria

Survival Tips to Bring Peace to Syria

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Actually I was not interested to write this short Article whenever we were concerned about the ceasefire between the Asad led Syrian government and western-led rebel group in Syria. But the news of  bombardment during the time of Muslim religious festival Eid Ul Azha in Syria has influenced me to write this short Article.

Some surviving Tips for Syria are being mentioned below:

  1. To close all borders in Syria
  2. To stop all channels of Foreign Transactions except some selected channels controlled by Syrian national intelligences.
  3. To ban all Satellites Phones if possible
  4. To strengthen the Election Commission to hold upcoming Election within six month. The Election Commissioner should be neutral and familiar to Arab League
  5. The Foreign Peacekeeping Forces should be invited from Russia, Iran and other Arab League based countries. The peacekeeping forces will cooperate for holding a fresh election combating violence.
  6. Using Drone to  the rebel based areas. But mass destructive weapons should not be used.
  7. To redistribute the Cabinet. The Ministers should be given from all groups.
  8. To increase the campaign against the western led rebel groups.
  9. When the Election Commission will take full preparation to hold the election at that time Mr Asad should hand over the power to a caretaker government who will handle the election and lead the country for maximum two months. The Caretaker Chief should be from the retired judge of Apex Court of Syria. At that time Mr Asad should be busy in Election Campaign
  10. To secure the religious and government institutions because the western led rebel groups may explode bomb there in order to keep the government in pressure.
  11. Mr Asad and his wife should be more religious. It was very odd that Mr Asad prayed the Eid Prayer wearing western dress.
  12. To demolish the rebel groups with cool blood using intelligence and tactics but mass killing is not supported.

I think the above mentioned tips may be helpful to bring peace in Syria. Thank you.