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Published:November 5th, 2012 16:45 EST

Insanity: After Superstorm Sandy New Yorkers Pack Only Open Starbucks In Midtown

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Many of the customers packing the sole open Starbucks in New York`s Midtown said they braved several blocks of Hurricane Sandy weather to reach the store.

Customers at the Starbucks off Times Square said they walked or took town cars several blocks and waited at least 10 minutes -- many as long as a half-hour -- in the packed store to receive their orders Monday, the New York Post reported Tuesday."



Starbucks franchises are ubiquitous, I`m sure there are Starbucks in hell. Manhattan resembled hell in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

I wouldn`t wait in line to buy coffee at Starbucks after a storm of the century, or at any other time of the year for that matter. McDonald`s coffee is much cheaper and just as good.

When all hell breaks loose, the last place in the world I want to be is in a line with a bunch of trendies waiting to buy overhyped and overpriced coffee.

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