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Published:November 13th, 2012 13:54 EST
What do you think - what do you truly know - about Islam?

What do you think - what do you truly know - about Islam?

By SOP newswire2

What do you think - what do you truly know - about Islam? "Muhammed said that he came as a `warner,`" William Kilpatrick writes in CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, and ATHEISM - THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE WEST. "The pages ahead are a warning about the threat from the religion he founded."

Kilpatrick calls the book, released today by Ignatius Press, a wake-up call and a call to action for the post 9/11 world. Some readers undoubtedly will call it unsettling, or maybe disturbing. Reading it inevitably will change your perspective ... on Islam, Christianity and the current state of the world.

Kilpatrick asserts that history demonstrates - time and again - that the driving force behind Islamic aggression is Islamic theology. CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, and ATHEISM provides a chilling look at the spread and increasing influence of Islam throughout the western world.

Kilpatrick challenges secular media to cover the book regardless of any pushback that coverage might receive. He blames that on the bullying ways of Islam and the enabling ways of governments ... and Christians.

"Most politicians, journalists, and intellectuals either fall silent on the subject of Islamic theology or sanitize it through platitudes, all of which revolve around religious and cultural relativism," said George Neumayr, contributing editor to The American Spectator and co-author of No Higher Power: Obama`s War on Religious Freedom. "As William Kilpatrick convincingly shows in CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, and ATHEISM, this fashionable complacency has compromised Western civilization. In this indispensable book, he wakes the politically correct up from their dogmatic slumbers, sounding a vitally important alarm about the true aims of Islam."

Kilpatrick also uncovers the role played by atheists and secularists in advancing Islam. Despite paying lip service to freedom, secularists serve as enablers of Islam. The civil liberties that the West enjoys are the fruit of Christian civilization, Kilpatrick argues, and only a reawakened Christianity can defend them against Islam`s advance.

"Kilpatrick`s insights into Western relativism, multiculturalism, and the resultant anti-Christian attitudes form a matrix by which the rot of a crumbling society can be better understood," said Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., host of EWTN Live. "This book summons Christians to awaken their love for the true Jesus Christ of the Gospel, to learn sober truth about Christianity and Islam, and live their faith courageously in the face of Muslim aggression."

"This extraordinary book pierces through the politically correct miasma of unreality that envelops us and explains clearly and persuasively, with mountains of evidence, the threat that Islam poses today to the Church and to Western civilization," said Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times bestseller The Truth About Muhammed. "William Kilpatrick is to be commended for penning a concise and comprehensive introduction to the reality and magnitude of the Islamic supremacist threat. This book should be essential reading for politicians, bishops, and everyone who is on the front lines of the culture wars."

Kilpatrick`s articles on Islam have appeared in Investor`s Business Daily, Front Page Magazine, Jihad Watch, Catholic World Report, the National Catholic Register, World, and other publications. His other books include Psychological Seduction and Why Johnny Can`t Tell Right from Wrong. He taught at Boston College for more than three decades.

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