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Published:November 17th, 2012 11:04 EST

Outrage: Quadriplegic Rapist to be Released from California Prison

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California appeals court has granted the release of a quadriplegic rapist who was considered an excessive cost to the state.

Steven Martinez was convicted of several counts of violent rape in 1998 after he drove his car over a woman, assaulted her, kidnapped her and then raped her."



Steven Martinez should have been executed by the state for his horrendous crime. But of course in California a convicted violent criminal is more likely to receive a beauty makeover than to be put to death for his crimes.

Fortunately, Martinez was attacked by two other inmates and was stabbed in the neck, rendering him paralyzed.

If anyone deserves to be freed from prison it`s the two inmates who paralyzed Martinez. I just wish they had stabbed him in the heart; it would have prevented a lot of legal tomfoolery.

Martinez was freed under a medical parole law that seeks to reduce prison costs. A sense of justice is more important than financial considerations; it`s an affront to society that this animal is free.

As a quadriplegic in the Big House Martinez was as helpless as the woman he assaulted, kidnapped and raped. He should have spent the rest of his life behind bars, living in fear that an inmate would finish the job and kill him.

This monster`s parents have agreed to take care of him in their home, but he needs 24-hour care. I hope it`s not the taxpayers who will pay for the nurse that will need to be hired to tend to this unrepentant criminal.


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