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Published:November 23rd, 2012 10:07 EST

First Date Ends With Lady Assaulting Dude: She Wanted Him To Call Her His Girlfriend

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Florida police said a fight about whether a woman could give herself the title "girlfriend` ended with the woman threatening her date and smashing his window.

Molina said the couple had gone on their first date earlier in the evening and they had returned to his apartment, where they argued about whether Martone was now his girlfriend.


Jillian Martone, 37, allegedly punched Efren Molina, 39, in the face, threatened him with a kitchen knife and used a pair of large rocks to smash his apartment window."


If a lady goes to the guy`s apartment on her first date she may have earned the title "easy lay", but she`s not quite his girlfriend yet.

It usually takes a few dates for a woman to go Fatal Attraction on a guy, at least Molina didn`t spend a lot of time and money on this crazy woman before he realized that she was stark raving bonkers.

Martone is unclear on the concept, punching a dude in the face and threatening him with a kitchen knife isn`t likely to persuade him that he should now consider her his "boo" or "girlfriend."

I would recommend that Martone seek psychiatric help, and that Molina move to a new apartment.

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