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Published:November 28th, 2012 12:28 EST

Cops Find 2 Gators, Ton of Weed, Brass Pole & Exotic Dancer At Shooting Scene

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Thurston County sheriff`s deputies called to a house near Olympia on the report of a shooting Monday night were quick to edge away from a room after being greeted by two hissing alligators guarding a large marijuana stash.


Alligators, a pot growing operation, an exotic dancer and gunfire were all elements of the criminal investigation inside the house in the normally quiet Scott Lake neighborhood.

Sheriff`s spokesman Lt. Greg Elwin said that at one point a detective compared the scene to a Hollywood film."

Seattle Times

This house contained a floor to ceiling brass pole, enough weed to keep Snoop Dogg high for months, and an exotic dancer. And two hissing alligators, because you can`t expect two yapping poodles to protect paradise.

The homeowner shot at a man who wanted to smoke his weed, hook up with the exotic dancer or kill his alligators to make shoes.

The 41-year-old homeowner was arrested for attempted murder, and animal control confiscated his alligators. No word as to who went home with the lovey exotic dancer, but I`m sure the cops are going to be grooving to Bob Marley and smoking a lot of weed.

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