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Published:November 28th, 2012 16:49 EST
SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Timothy Wilson's "Just a Little Christmas From You"

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Timothy Wilson's "Just a Little Christmas From You"

By SOP newswire2

Timothy Wilson is no stranger to the world of music. In fact, he has given us some wonderful memories to smile back on from some of the most famous record companies, producers and arrangers in the world.

Timothy Wilson was born in Salisbury, Maryland; however, he was raised three miles south of Salisbury, in a small town called Fruitland,Maryland, and lived there with two brothers and three sisters. Timothy recorded for the very first time at the age of 13 on Roulette Records in 1958 with a group named Tiny Tim and the Hits, as lead singer.

The song was titled "Wedding Bells". This song was a great introduction for Timothy and provided him with a lot of style and experience. After some years with Roulette Records, he went on to be lead singer with a group called the Serenaders for a year on Riverside Records and had two terrific tunes titled "Adios My Love" and "Two Lovers Make One Fool".

Timothy has always been a dynamic performer and did many shows. In 1964, he struck a deal with Motown`s Barry and Ray Gordy. He recorded two tunes, "If Your Heart Says Yes" and "I`ll Cry Tomorrow" produced by Ray Gordy and written by George Kerr and Sidney Barnes. After the Serenaders went their separate ways, Timothy got a deal with Veep Records and a chance to record as a solo artist, with songs like, "Hey, Girl, Do You Love Me?", "Oh, How I Wish You Were Mine" and "He Will Break Your Heart".

In 1967, Timothy was approached by George Kerr, who had become an experienced record producer, with the opportunity to produce the first single on Buddha Records, "Baby, Baby, Please", followed by "Say It Again", "Loving You "and"My Queen of Hearts", as well as a compilation album. Then in 1969 Timothy moved to Mercury Records and proceeded to do two great tunes, titled "Are You Really Happy" and "Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart". Having had great success on Mercury, Timothy was offered another deal with Sky Disc Records in 1971. His producer was Randy Irvin for three great tunes; "These Are The Things", "Hiding In Your Heart" and "I Must Love You". From 1973 to 1979 Timothy toured and made personal appearances all over the USA. In 1979, H & L Records recorded four great tunes on Timothy titled "Follow Me", "Red Dress", "Sugar Land Express" and "It`s Love, Baby", which were very successful indeed, produced by Landy McNeal and Herschel Dwellingham.

In 2000, Timothy joined the famous Teenagers as the lead singers. This was especially gratifying for him because Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers was one of his favorite groups; other favorites include Jerry Butler, Little Anthony and the Imperials and the Whispers. For ten years Timothy has been lead singer with the Teenagers, and continues doing so today. Timothy has recently struck a new deal for a new single on Bogue/Magic Records. The song is titled "One Two Three", produced by Timothy himself. He is also working on a whole new album coming out for the first of the New Year 2011.

This album will consist of R & B and Pop flavor, kicking` it hard. Timothy is a well-grounded, seasoned, well known popular singer and entertainer, and is still going strong. Don`t miss this opportunity to enjoy his music, his power, his gift of song, and his soul. Timothy says he wants to be consistent and make good music for all ages. Here`s a footnote for you! Timothy says at 18, he wanted to be a baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. When that didn`t work out, he went back to music and the rest is history, moving on into the future. You go, Timothy!

Anne Sowell