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Published:December 7th, 2012 12:11 EST
Are We More Than We Dare to Imagine?

Are We More Than We Dare to Imagine?

By SOP newswire2

"Like a giant meteorite that has struck the earth, these aforementioned PHENOMENA are all forces to be reckoned with," according to author Joe Walker. "Ignoring the impact on our world and the message these phenomena send, is like seeing meteorites impact the earth again and again and acting as if it doesn`t mean anything."

Walker believes we have in fact ignored, or at least misinterpreted the significance of incidents of super human performance we`ve witnessed quite frequently in our world. "These incidents beg to be understood for what they mean for human potential. However -- much like mapping the genetic code -- after decoding we must still interpret its meaning. Maybe the answers should be sought, not only in the slow probing of science but, also in the areas of philosophy and religion -- after all we are dealing with super natural things. There is enough substance in these occurrences of extraordinary human performance in sports, music etc., to draw some definite conclusions, as to the nature of these powerful events and their meaning to us."

Walker`s soon to be released book, "UNCONSCIOUS," purports to "Unlock the Zone Phenomenon for Extraordinary Human Performance." "There are clear paths toward, keys to unlock the gate and laws which govern this distinct region of transcendent human performance," Walker insists, after concluding years of research. The book attacks the problem of interpreting these phenomena from every angle.

This self publishing effort is currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, the "cloud source funding" website becoming increasingly popular these days. The multi -- talented Walker has produced an intriguing video capturing the scope of the phenomena and the book; see Kickstarter for more information, an early peak into the book and to support this project.

About Joe Walker
Joe Walker is an independent scholar, poet, writer, teacher and deeply spiritual person who spent a considerable amount of time since his adolescent years finding answers to the meaning of life. He lives with his wife and daughter in Houston, where he is the owner of a graphic design/promotional products company. Learn more at

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