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Published:December 14th, 2012 11:50 EST

Video: Jesus Christ Kicked To The Curb At Darts Tournament

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man from Oxford, England, who looks like Jesus, was thrown out of a TV darts tournament after the crowd started to chant and broke the concentration of the players, according to multiple reports.


The Sun reported Nathan Grindal was watching the Cash Converters Players` Championship final at Minehead Butlins in Somerset, England with his friends.

He was sitting in a group of 4,000 people when the crowd started changing  `Stand up if you love Jesus.`"


Nathan Grindal is a dead ringer for Jesus Christ; he is right out of central casting. Of course none of us knows what Jesus looked like, but he certainly bears a strong resemblance to the Jesus depicted in paintings and movies.

Somerset must be the most boring place in England if a darts tournament draws 4,000 people. Witnessing a Jesus lookalike attend a darts tournament must be the most exciting event ever to take place in the sleepy town.

We are so jaded in the West that even if the real Jesus attended the Super Bowl, He would also receive an ironic appreciation. The cheerleaders would lead a chant: Party people in the house, give it up for Jesus!

We just don`t do the tremble and fear before a Messiah thing -- that is so yesterday. Spectators would exclaim: Dude there`s Jesus! He doesn`t even have an entourage of bodyguards and groupies! What a D-lister! He`s not on the same level as Honey Boo Boo! I hope he gets crucified during the halftime show! That would be awesome.

Fortunately, six security guards escorted Jesus to another location where he watched the match on television. The mock appreciation for Jesus could have quickly turned into a royal beatdown.

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