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Published:December 16th, 2012 18:03 EST

Birdbrain Chicago Alderman Proposes $1,000 Fine For Feeding Pigeons

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Chicago Alderman James Cappelman says he wants to double the penalty for people who feed pigeons to a maximum of $1,000 and six months in jail.

Cappelman isn`t enamored of Chicago`s ubiquitous birds and WBBM-TV reported Thursday he`s not alone.

`They`re a nuisance. They`re everywhere. You know, you could stand there waiting on the bus and they`re all over your feet,` Bobby Williams told the Chicago TV station while standing outside the Wilson train stop."


Compared to politicians who propose ridiculous laws, pigeons are relatively harmless. I`ll take a pigeon with a penchant for crapping all over the place over a typical dirty alderman.

Pigeons may be ubiquitous in the streets of Chicago, but so are thugs and homeless persons. How about proposing an anti-loitering law that will rid the streets of gangbangers and the homeless?

I`m persuaded the fine residents of Chicago would prefer ducking bird droppings to ducking stray gunfire.

Cappelman`s proposed law is for the birds, the voters of Chicago should kick this birdbrain to the curb.

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