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Published:December 18th, 2012 12:58 EST

Madness: New Zealand Bus Shelter Converted To Comfy Lounge!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Residents of a New Zealand town say a bus shelter spontaneously converted into a comfy lounge by unknown decorators has now been given a Christmas theme.

Peter Jones and partner Juliette Lum of Brooklyn, a suburb of Wellington, said they added a clock and some magazines to the scene, which began during the weekend when someone placed a pair of couches, a hot water bottle and a bookcase with a few books in the empty bus shelter."



A bus shelter is a bus shelter is a bus shelter. Whether in Brooklyn, New York or Brooklyn, New Zealand, a bus shelter is one of the scuzziest places on Earth.

Pimps, prostitutes and assorted riff-raff find refuge in a typical bus shelter, and adding Christmas decorations, and magazines won`t make the darn thing more inviting. In fact adding a comfy sofa to a bus shelter might encourage a working girl to conduct her business there.

The abomination might work as public art, but in a couple of days the couch and the books will be soiled or stolen.

The world, and bus shelters in particular, are rotten, and a few Xmas decorations aren`t going to change a darn thing.

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