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Published:December 22nd, 2012 18:18 EST

Katt Williams: King Of Comedy And Criminal Activity

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Katt Williams has finally offered an explanation for why he slapped a Target employee in Sacramento across the face earlier this month. The dude showed him a combination of racism and disrespect, and as we all know, Williams isn`t a man willing to bend over and take either one.

According to TMZ, Williams did a set at the Comedy Store in Hollywood last night. During his time in front of the audience, he recounted exactly what happened. Apparently, the white dude, after some kind of brief argument, said, `Your assistant is already suing you, you pus** a** nigg**.`"



In the last few months Comedian Katt Williams has had countless interactions with the criminal justice system.

Maybe we don`t give Williams enough credit, and his criminal activity is performance art. The brilliant comic is trying to make a mockery of the stereotype of the black American as a quick-tempered thug.

I`m sure Williams is a scholar and a gentleman who gives free concerts at nursing homes, and writes weighty tomes about philosophy and religion in his free time.

Quite a few writers have opined that if Katt Williams is telling the truth, he was justified in pimp slapping the white heckler. They are expressing the racist belief that the default mode for the average black man is aggression and violence.

Excuse me, but a heckler is par for the course for a stand up comic, and any comic worth his salt will dismiss even the most profane heckler with a quick comeback.

Even the trifecta insult that the white heckler hurled at Williams should have been quickly verbally deflected.

Williams is a very little man with a very big mouth, and the average prisoner, white or black, will quickly put him in his place.

Eventually and inevitably Williams` behavior will land him behind bars, watch your back loser.

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