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Published:December 30th, 2012 13:01 EST
A Major League Baseball Game More Fun Than a Movie Any Day

A Major League Baseball Game More Fun Than a Movie Any Day

By Ron G Anselm


"For the sports fan; to play the game of baseball is like an entertainment rush of excitement but to live the game of baseball is like a family connection." (R.Anselm, 2012)

There is no greater fun to have with your family then to go to a Friday night baseball game. Forget going to high-priced movies that are so over-priced it would probably be cheaper to buy a used car.  Forget going to your local amusement park, between the cost of getting in, parking, and then buying food for a family of four can run you more than your next three-months of salary.

Going to a baseball game is as much fun if not more than watching a drama scene in one of the many over-priced movie theaters and is more fun than riding one of the many rollercoasters at any of the pricy amusement parks. Going to the game is cheaper.

When I was a kid going to Dodger Stadium and the "Big A" Anaheim Stadium home to the Angels back in the middle to late 1970s to me every experience at every game was different. The atmosphere, the smell of freshly cooked hot dogs that waffled through each tier of decks and the roar of the crowd with each hit and spectacular play by the home team is an experience in itself.

The stadiums back then were fun to go to, just for the atmosphere and love of the game as they are today. I used to make it a point to go to the concession stand to buy a team hat of the opposing team since I used to collect baseball hats back then. When I went to one of my many games at Dodger Stadium I would get into the game, find my seat, then hurry to the hot dog concession stand to be the first in line to buy one of those famous foot-long Dodger dogs as they were known back then.

 I would then head to the vendor concession stand usually the same one near where I bought my hot dog and then buy my opposing team baseball hat to add to my collection. I remember each of the concession stands were lined-up as neat as your bunk bed better be in a barracks inspection in the Army and each of the concession stands were sitting about fifty-yards apart from one another all like ducks in a row. You always heard those famous words echoing through the stadium tiers, "Peanuts, get your peanuts here! " as that peanut vendor roamed the stadium like a beach bum combing the beach for loose change.

And yes, each game is different from the next. I had my first Dad experience taking my son to a Major League game when he was a little guy back when I was living in Florida. We were driving down Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Florida one Friday night and were both as bored as sitting in traffic on old route sixty-six in the middle of nowhere. I lived near the Miami Dolphins Stadium, which if any of you are fans of football or baseball, then you know the Miami Dolphins moved their stadium to Miramar, Florida near Hollywood. Their stadium is not actually in the city of Miami anymore. The Florida Marlins which they were known as back then, now the Miami Marlins played their home games at Dolphin stadium.

I asked him what he wanted to do and with any kid they say "Let`s go to Toys R Us, Dad. No problem buddy but let`s first go to a baseball game". Any kids face will light up when you say that and his did. We went to the Marlins game and we had more fun together as a family than I have ever had. He still talks about that game to this day. So, baseball is not just balls and strikes with an occasional homerun; it has an impact on the ones you love, your family.

Playing the game is even more fun and exciting. I took playing the game serious when I was a kid because I wanted to play professional baseball. I started out playing at the park league level and moved up to one of the greatest experiences playing the game I have ever had when I played Senior Majors at Northridge National Little League in Northridge, California. I played with a lot of great baseball players and remember going up against a couple of them that back then as fifteen or sixteen-year old kids that could throw ninety-plus mile per hour fast balls and a curve ball that had more break on it then Nolan Ryan`s curve ball did on his worst day which is outstanding for any Little League pitcher to be able to throw like that. Of course they couldn`t get that fast ball by me or curve ball past me because I was a good hitter but the experience playing at that level has as much impact on me as a lifetime of memories.

Also, a lot of professional players in the NFL and Major League baseball played there as-well when they were kids. I believe Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints quarterback played there as a kid and I almost want to say Tom Brady did but not sure if he did or not but many others did. I also remember some of the Dodger players back then came down one Saturday before one of my games and talked to our team about baseball. I remember Steve Yeager the old Dodger catcher, Don Sutton one of the many good Dodger Pitchers, Bill Buckner who at that time played outfield for the Dodgers and a few others I can`t remember came down to Northridge National Little League. As they were done and heading back to the parking lot I am walking with Steve Yeager talking baseball, man.what a thrill for any Little Leaguer.

So, you can see how the game of baseball both spending time with family while at a game and playing the game is an entertainment rush of excitement and draws a family connection. Another great way to learn about the game and have as much fun and excitement is to read about the game of Major League baseball. My next book currently titled, "Our Grand Ol` National Past Time, which will be published soon is all about every nook and cranny, trivia, memorable moments and history of the game.

You can put on your favorite baseball teams hat, oil up your infield or outfield glove, put on your spiked cleats, and curl up in your favorite lounge chair from the comforts of your home while reading my book and learning about the complete game and having a ton of fun as-well. I will keep you all informed of the release date of my book and how to buy your copy when available when I know from my publisher.

It`s the memories and time spent with family while reading about, living the game, or playing baseball that matters. Baseball is not just a game we turn on the television on those spring Saturday afternoons and watch to pass the time away, if you really are like me and have the word "sports" in your blood and running through your veins then you look at the game in a serious way but at the same time a way that gives you more fun, enjoyment and memories than going on your first date when you finally turned sixteen years old.

Buy your copy of my book when available and relive those moments once again. Also, keep an eye out and go to`s website and read one of my next articles on the many memorable moments of Major League baseball. The SOP is a complete entity of fun in itself. With the many articles, interviews and things to read about and do on the website will keep you entertained forever. Also, listen to Judyth Piazza and The American Perspective on her daily radio show while doing whatever you do. Forget listening to that head bangers ball heavy metal music or that jazz that will put you to sleep, tune into the SOP Radio Network and have fun on your daily ride to work or home from work or while you`re just lounging around and chillin.